Are you stuck in a workout rut?  Is your gym routine less effective than it used to be?  There could be a physiological reason - our muscles remember our routine and "dial it in".  Repetitive exercises become less effective the longer you do them.  To achieve continued results, you need to mix up your routine.  Throw your body a curve ball and try something new!  Pilates is a uniquely effective workout. The focus is on quality of movement, proper form, alignment, and fluidity in motion. The exercise choices are varied and never become routine. Pilates will increase your strength and flexibility while improving your muscle tone and posture. Get started with our new client promotional 3 pack and try on a pilates workout for yourself.

Are you ready to become a stronger, leaner, more flexible body in motion?

I was new to Pilates until I tried Amy's class. After years of yoga, stretch and aerobic classes I was ready for something new. I'm amazed at how good I feel after class. It's been 4 years now and I'm addicted to Pilates. Amy's a real professional. A few months ago I broke my wrist and needed an operation. I had the operation but couldn't get back to the Pilates class without a note from my doctor. Amy also wanted a list of my prescribed PT exercises so she could work with my doctors to make sure I healed properly. Thanks teach!

Eileen Rosenberger